Bringing healthcare to the people: UberHEALTH

Last year John Brownstein, co-founder of Epidemico and CIO of Boston Children’s Hospital, and Uber collaborated in an effort to bring flu vaccines to people in 4 U.S. cities, Boston, NY, Washington, and Chicago.

UberHEALTH was so successful that it’s happening again tomorrow, this time in 35 cities! For $10 Uber users can request a car to bring a nurse and vaccines to their location – a truly novel approach to healthcare access. Brownstein shares, “I thought: instead of bringing the people to healthcare, why not bring healthcare to the people? With its existing logistics platform, Uber seemed like a perfect candidate to help test a new model of healthcare delivery. This is how UberHEALTH was born.”

If UberHEALTH isn’t coming to your city, please check out HealthMap Vaccine Finder to help connect you to a local vaccine provider.

Read more on UberHEALTH

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