Big Data Listening

January 25, 2016

Here at Epidemico we are not only harnessing big data, but listening to Adam Wilkis, more widely known as music producer Big Data. The electropop luminary’s newish album “2.0” is in rotation at 883 Boylston. Don’t get us wrong; we are into the 1.0 album, too.

We have a lot in common with Big Data: we are both influenced by technology, Adam Wilkis is a Harvard grad/we originated out of Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital, and we love a wide range of music from Fleetwood Mac to Future.

Though Big Data is most famous for hit “Dangerous” featuring Joywave, we also recommend “The Business of Emotion” ft. White Sea and “Clean” ft. Jamie Lidell. Check them out on Spotify.

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