Epidemico is an informatics company established in 2007 that combines innovative data acquisition and analysis technologies with public health expertise. Epidemico delivers sophisticated surveillance systems and consumer-centric engagement tools. We provide early insights, continuous monitoring and consumer engagement for a wide range of population health domains, including disease outbreaks, drug safety, supply chain vulnerabilities, and more. Epidemico is known for pioneering global population health solutions that radically disrupt traditional detection, reporting, and engagement systems.

Epidemico is a commercial spinoff of Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Our suite of cloud-based solutions serve as trusted resources for the public, government officials, life science, financial and Fortune 500 companies both in the US and internationally. Several products are also directly supported by government entities such as the CDC, FDA and HHS. The company’s work has been nationally recognized by the Smithsonian and the Library of Congress as well as media such as the New York Times, NBC and CNN. Epidemico is a wholly owned subsidiary of Booz Allen Hamilton, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Epidemico team is comprised of industry recognized epidemiologists and health leaders.

Meet Our Team

  • John Brownstein

    John Brownstein
    Senior Executive Advisor

  • Robin Heffernan

    Robin Heffernan
    President & COO

  • Clark Freifeld

    Clark Freifeld

  • Nabarun Dasgupta

    Nabarun Dasgupta
    Chief Product Officer

  • sumiko

    Sumiko Mekaru
    VP Client Delivery

  • Essam Al Joubori

    Essam Al Joubori
    Software Developer

  • Susan Aman

    Susan Aman
    Software Developer

  • Aranka Anema

    Aranka Anema

  • Chi Bahk

    Chi Bahk

  • Wenjie Bao

    Wenjie Bao
    Sr Project Manager

  • Lucas Baptista

    Lucas Baptista
    Software Developer

  • Matt Bertrand

    Matt Bertrand
    Sr Data Scientist

  • Robin Colodzin

    Robin Colodzin
    Software Developer

  • Michael Gilbert

    Michael Gilbert
    Project Manager

  • Lou Grossi

    Lou Grossi
    Dev Ops

  • Derek Johnston

    Derek Johnston
    Software Developer

  • Melissa Jordan

    Melissa Jordan
    Data Analyst

  • julia

    Julia Lien
    Junior Data Scientist

  • Kyra McKenna

    Kyra McKenna
    Software Developer

  • Chris Menone

    Christopher Menone
    Project Manager

  • Katelynn O'Brien

    Katelynn O’Brien
    Software Developer

  • Carrie Pierce

    Carrie Pierce
    Sr Project Manager

  • Nico Preston

    Nico Preston
    Chief Data Scientist

  • Harold Rodriguez

    Harold Rodriguez
    Software Developer

  • Carly Winokur

    Carly Winokur
    Project Manager


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