Our Story

Disciples of Design

We wanted to build beautiful and powerful solutions.

We simplified cluttered dashboards and offloaded tedious tasks to increasingly complex artificial intelligence systems.

We listened to end users, honing in on core functionality while adding plenty of backend computing power.

Legacy health surveillance systems were uniformly unsightly and mired in the physical constraints of server racks and tedious maintenance. Tired of it all, in 2006 with support from Google.org, we jumped on the cloud and embraced big data computing, mobile apps, machine learning, and natural language processing. Our end products are uniquely innovative by pairing user-centered design with incredibly powerful processors.

Re-enchanting Software

As digital natives we grew up playing video games, convincing us that software could do anything.

We saw genuine advancements in software targeted at commercial promotion, while public health was left decades behind.

We wanted to bring excitement back to software development while being a positive force for health.

So we upped our game, becoming fluent in the most advanced software tools available and industry standards, including encryption, security, and privacy. Our tools are now trusted by government agencies in health, national security and intelligence, and major health and life science companies. We win design and innovation awards, and our work has been featured in The New York Times, NBC, and CNN. Our industry leading social media and scientific monitoring software pushes boundaries in 18 languages and does things that were considered impossible just a few years ago.

Professionally Good Listeners

Forms are dispiriting, formality is alienating, distance is subversive.- B. Hugman, World Health Organization

Driven by a passion for functionally and visually engaging tools, we make apps that everyone can use.

This starts with actually listening to what people need, not what we think they want.

Our deeply experienced client delivery team knows how to address gaps with creative technology solutions, translating end-user needs to our software developers. Whether designing for government officials, elderly caregivers, researchers, or healthcare providers, we start by listening and meeting them where they are. Our clients routinely remark that our co-development projects are more invigorating and groundbreaking than traditional IT engagements.

We Are Scientists of Integrity

Our internationally recognized epidemiologists and data scientists bring a depth of experience that ensures final products are useful for public health.

You have many options when it comes to data and software, we tailor our mix-and-match capabilities to suit your needs.

But when the data you are relying on bears regulatory scrutiny or has life and death implications, you need a tailor-made solution.

At Epidemico, we build software we ourselves would want to use in the most demanding situations. We adhere to strict scientific principles of reproducibility and transparency, publishing our findings and sharing code. In 2015 alone we published over 40 peer-reviewed scientific papers documenting methods, validation, and novel findings.

An Open Ethos

We participate in the major scientific conferences in our fields, and sit on the Boards of many professional organizations.

We recognize the tremendous amount of public investment that goes into the development of our software and data platforms. We make most of the data we produce available publicly. We publish peer-reviewed papers in open access journals. We provide data at cost (or even free) to graduate students for dissertations. We retain ethicist advisors, and follow the important debates about privacy emerging across the globe.

A Seasoned Team

We have invested years in building the right team to achieve success.

We have the courage to push boundaries because we have mastery of the fundamentals, the proven capability with technology needed to develop commercial scale professional software and data. We are a gender-balanced team with low attrition and exceptional team dynamic. We take pride in writing well, building beautiful applications, and exceeding our customers’ expectations. In an era of Internet impermanence, we stand out by standing by our work, placing individual, names behind our products. Accountability matters to us.