We provide products and services for multiple markets including biosurveillance, product safety, black markets, supply chain, sentiment and more.

Our Products

HealthMapHealthMap is an established global leader in utilizing both informal and formal sources for disease outbreak monitoring and emerging public health threats surveillance. Data is automatically aggregated from more than 50,000 online sources including news aggregators, eyewitness reports, expert-curated discussions, validated official reports, and social media. Via natural language processing and proprietary algorithms, alerts are tagged, filtered, analyzed, and visualized by machine and public health experts. The result is an interactive, user-friendly, and publicly available web and mobile tool providing a global overview of disease outbreaks. HealthMap provides coverage in 15 languages, updated every hour, 24/7. Operating since 2006 with data starting in 1994, HealthMap has garnered a number of national awards and has strong government sponsorship with unique, strategic collaborations including the FDA, USAID, DoD, HHS, CDC and WHO. HealthMap also licenses data to top pharmaceutical, life science and global risk companies.

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MedWatcher is a suite of tools aimed at helping the general public, clinicians, and regulatory scientists better understand potential risks from medical products. It collects and visualizes adverse event data from online sources including individual reports, social media, patient communities, news outlets, and FDA. Further, the public mobile app allows users to submit adverse event reports directly to the FDA using a simple form. The private web app listens to social media for possible adverse event mentions, classifying and visualizing “Posts with Resemblance to Adverse Events” (Proto-AEs) on a customizable, interactive dashboard. Our automated processes of Natural Language Processing, machine learning algorithms, and vernacular-to-regulatory translation are accompanied by manual curation to effectively distill insights from huge amounts of noise and to ensure accurate output reporting. MedWatcher covers all US drugs, devices, and vaccines, and expansion development into EU is in progress.

StreetRxStreetRx is a real-time online surveillance platform for street price data on diverted prescription drugs. Users are able to search and submit prices specifying drug, city, price, formulation, dosage, and source. StreetRx tracks at the mg level to differentiate drug formulations, with coverage in US, Canada, UK, EU, and Australia. Data derived from StreetRx links pre-marketing abuse liability testing with post-market surveillance. Prescription opioid diversion and abuse are major public health issues, and street prices provide an indicator of drug availability, demand, and abuse potential. Such data, however, can be difficult to collect and crowdsourcing can provide an effective solution in an era of Internet-based social networks. These data inform pharmacoeconomic modeling and policy analysis, and shed light on which new controlled pharmaceutical formulations have desirability relative to others. StreetRx operates under strong partnership with the Researched Abuse, Diversion, and Additional-Related Surveillance System.

Our Services

Large Data Extraction

We use proprietary search taxonomies and natural language processing to parse, tag and filter meaningful data from over 50,000 disparate data sources ranging from online news, social media, clinical data, patient forums, official reports and expert discussions. We operate globally in 15+ languages.


We couple data aggregation from existing sources with our own applications to engage users to report on disease outbreaks, flu symptoms, vaccine shortages, adverse events, street prices of drugs and more.

Machine Learning Algorithms + Human Curation

We conduct data mining and analyses via proprietary machine learning algorithms; this allows massive amounts of data to be processed efficiently. Additionally, our automatic processes are accompanied with manual curation by public health experts to reduce noise and increase output value.

Data Analytics and Visualization

After collection, processing, curation and analyses of data, we provide our clients easily digestible cloud-based dashboards. These dashboards include real-time maps, graphs, databases and more to meet client needs. We are able to detect and visualize temporal and geographic trends, as well as early signals.

We also offer custom solutions to meet specific criteria.
Examples: antibiotic resistance, vaccine sentiment, china supply chain, risk assessment, competitive analyses, more


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